SRR013: Fuewa – Complete Earthworks
Posted by Oli Marlow on September 10, 2015


Announcing Fuewa’s second EP Complete Earthworks, the long overdue follow up to his acclaimed debut, Birth Palace.
Pre-order the hot pink cassette here.


Complete Earthworks is the long overdue follow up to Fuewa’s debut transmission, Birth Palace – an EP which received glowing praise when it was released back in 2013. Returning to Sonic Router Records with a similarly themed clutch of decay, compression and texture, these eight tracks stretch out of that first EP’s cocoon and into bold and, at times, drastically different shapes.

“This EP is, again, largely focused on texture,” admits Fuewa, “but I really decided that I wanted to explore the finer detail of the melodic and bass elements. Collaborating with Leeuth on ‘Hard Lungs’ provided the sort of contrast I’d been looking for – balancing her voice and those other, softer, more humanized elements with my harsher sound design.”

By embracing straight four to the floor rhythms even more directly on tracks like ‘Red Fire White Bliss’,‘Middle East’ and ‘Inner Ore’, Fuewa also manages to make his beat driven music feel even more direct whilst still maintaining his ongoing investigation into coarse processing on the striking beatless pieces like ‘Be More Responsive’ and ‘Canyons To Shape You’.


All music by C. Sallows.
Vocals on track 4 by Leeuth.
Mastered by Concrete Cut Studios.
Artwork by Patrick Savile.