SR Mix #180: Broshuda [Sonic Router]
Posted by Oli Marlow on August 25, 2015


Please, say a proper hello to @Broshuda. We’re very happy to announce that he’ll be releasing an EP on Sonic Router Records soon soon. Any fervent train spotters out there might well notice that yes, he collaborated w/ B£AMS on ‘Over’ – a track we released on last year’s Unforthcoming Self EP.

In short, thats how we found him.

He made this mixtape to better introduce himself to our audience in the best, most direct way possible. He told us that it features a treasure trove of exclusive bits from his friends and producers.

Love love.


DOWNLOAD: Broshuda – Sonic Router Mix #180



Aldous RH – Xmas Harmonizer
M/M – Honeysuckle Interludes
Jonas Wiese – Miele II
Kassem Mosse & Simone White – Long Moons
Rolling Acres – M
Teresa Winter – Not Even
MLord – Miniatures Excerpt
Paco Sala – Blank Legend
RKSS – Watched
Filter Dread – Front Crew
Kinlaw – Narrow Koshi
Devon Loch – Rapid
Eecee – Abiotic
_JSTN – Used To Pay £20 To Rave Before You (Interlude)
Broshuda & Joane Skyler – Hundemund
The Nag’s Head – Hot Buttered Crack
Broshuda – Piano Leftovers
Precipitation – B3
Joane Skyler – MM
Thomas Baldischwyler – Hey, Heir Kommt Alex
El Kid & Bogues – The Shade
J. Albert – My One And Only Love
Birdy Earns – Final Celebration
Broshuda – Vanilla Sneak
Vuptes – Fad
Dania Shapes – Sunset Corps