RECOMMENDED: Stray – Paradise EP [Exit]
Posted by Oli Marlow on June 1, 2015


There’s a moment on ‘Movements’ where I feel like Stray really and truly nails his concept. A lazier writer than myself might note that given how he resides on the current ‘slow-fast’ axis – one that’s enabled him (and producers like Om Unit and Alix Perez) to exist in two genres at once, merging the plus points of lazy hip hop with the frenetic programming of drum & bass to produce rather uniquely bastardized versions of each – his Paradise EP lacks a bit of cohesion. But I feel like that’s precisely the point. The technical chops he’s chiseled working in drum & bass make his slower, more beat centric tracks like ‘Walkonby’, ‘Movements’ and ‘Dizzy’ hit with a really unique venom that harbours a noxious blend of that swoony, smogged up, LA lean with London’s anything goes attitude.


Stray’s Paradise EP is out 8th June on Exit.

Pre-order here.