NOTED: Lord Rao + Herrmutt Lobby + Cupp Cave – Final Flash [Detroit Underground]
Posted by Dick Jaxon on May 14, 2015


Unexpected warning shots are the best, especially when they involve a whole clique of people we’ve expressed a mass of admiration for before. So picture this: Lord Rao (the vocalist in Strange U, aka the UK duo we seem to be forever praising, aka the man of a hundred aliases) has been working with the Herrmutt Lobby (SR Mix #152) dudes and their fellow countryman, Cupp Cave (SR Mix #84) on an EP called WOOF for the Detroit Underground label.

That’s a bit of a peak proposition, right?

Well, honestly, the first taste of the EP, ‘Final Flash’ sounds pretty much exactly like what you’d expect a collaboration between those three parties to sound: crunchy, slouchy, punchy drum work gets littered with little jagged, prodding, nagging melodies that Kashmere’s vocals ride, batter and ultimately own…


Out “ASAP bruv” on Detroit Underground.