RECOMMENDED: Saga – Treachery EP [Saga]
Posted by Oli Marlow on April 15, 2015


Saga’s the strong silent type. The sort of dude I imagine stands in the corner at a rave dissecting the impact of certain tunes and making mental notes on his own mixdowns in his head. Obviously, thats just concjecture. I have absolutely no proof of anything whatsoever. It’s just how I feel.

What I do know is that Treachery, the free EP he just dropped via Bandcamp, is a whole world of weirdness – the title track in particular is a mania of hyper edits, 8 bit synths and the sort of drum programming that instantly turns a head. Three heavy hitting originals come backed by remixes from Visionist and Dark0 for the miniscule price of your email?

Safe, mate.


We tipped Saga two years back (SR Mix #163).
We still remain relevant.