NEWS: Jehst & Strange U To Drop ‘Dolph Lungren’ 7″ Picture Disc For RSD
Posted by Dick Jaxon on April 17, 2015


On Halloween last year, we posted the news that one of the hottest hopes in UK rap, Strange U, had collaborated with one of the scene’s brightest stars, Jehst, on the track ‘Dolph Lungren.’ Naturally that’s a proposition that is exciting to us, especially considering that we have a long established love of everything both parties do. At the time we wrote about it glowing that it was “the sort of hard ball production that marries Strange U’s sparse, analogue made back drop with the sort of pointed lyricism both parties have long carried a golden torch for” and listening to it now, it’s still just as potent.

Well, to mark this year’s Record Store Day, Jehst’s putting the tune out a 7″ picture disc (pictured above and below). There are only 500 copies in the world, so head out to your local record shop early tomorrow morning and scoop yourself a true exclusive.


P.S. Yesterday we announced the 12th release on our label which features Jehst rhyming on a Bambooman beat. More info here.