COMPETITION: Win The Only Dubplate Copy Of Don Froth’s ‘Live Notes VIP’
Posted by Oli Marlow on March 5, 2015


So here’s a question: did you ever watch Lost right the way till the end? I mean… what the fuck, right?

I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t – I’ll simply recommend that you should; when you read up about the ending (after you’ve watched it) it kind of makes sense – but my point is that there were multiple layers of confusion needed to create that level of perplex. And I really liked that – that density. That commitment to fleshing out an idea that doesn’t even directly translate to an audience who’s stuck with you through weeks and month’s worth of consecutive viewing. That takes sack. Leaving people with nothing but a scrunched face and a hundred separate questions after all that time? Overblown brilliance.

I guess keeping people guessing, analyzing and trying to engage is the point, but doing it with more of a wry sense of humor about how ridiculous a lot of the world is is even better. That’s why I like Don Froth. What he did with his recent The Acid House Handshake EP, acknowledging how preposterous it might seem to some in this current climate to pack two sides of vinyl with an assortment of weird and different tempoed music that doesn’t make obvious sense, he put it out with a wry smile wrinkling at the corners. On it was an exemplary track called ‘Live Notes’ – one of those tracks that essentially a drum track built out of lots of samples of live drums. It’s one part of the EP you could very much take out of it’s wider context and enjoy all on it’s own. Which is something I did, a lot.

Then I discovered that there was a VIP version of the tune which cut to the rolling congas a bit quicker and had an actual organ melody to it. And that’s when Don had an idea. He’d already cut a dublate of the VIP in question at Precise Mastering, but, and it’s not for lack of trying, he couldn’t even seem to give it away…

Photo: Stefan McIntosh

After a few knock backs, Don proposed that we throw it out there to an ‘online’ audience and offered our readership the chance to scoop the only vinyl version of the track that is currently in existence. So, that’s what we’re doing. If you’d like the opportunity to be able to win the dubplate just email us with the answer/your interpretation of the following before 12th March…

Q: So, what exactly is an acid house handshake?

The winner will be notified by email.


Listen to Don Froth’s SR Mix (#148) here.

His The Acid House Handshake EP is out now.

Buy at Bleep.