RECOMMENDED: Onoe Caponoe – Disappearing Jakob [High Focus]
Posted by Oli Marlow on February 6, 2015


You know what? There’s been a lot of time that’s passed since Taskforce. And it’s been a long time since someone made psychedelic hip hop with such a decidedly London accent. But there’s something so perfectly perfect about the partnership of the young emcee Onoe Caponoe’s staccato vocal delivery and Chemo’s crawling, cracked pepper percussion that their work captures and channels the same sort of fogged sonic dissonance that Chester P and Farma G did back when.

And shit, raw is most certainly a word that gets chucked around a lot in music – whether its a garage band’s guitars, a performer’s rhythm machines or the way a producer just lifts a sample keeping crunch and tick of the crackle and grooves just because it adds everything in terms of texture, the processes get labeled in the same way. But when you listen to Caponoe’s homespun tales of falling off his skateboard when going to score some weed on top of Chemo’s beats, it feels raw like it simply just fell out of their inter-conjoined brain.


Onoe Caponoe’s Chemo produced album Voices From Planet Catelle is out now.

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