RECOMMENDED: Butterz Label Focus On Benji B w/ P Money & Footsie
Posted by Oli Marlow on January 22, 2015


Lately I’ve been working to a new mantra: if you haven’t got anything to say, boy… shut your fucking mouth. Today, amid reading all these torrents of theories about how Bjork must really be feeling after letting the world in on her break up and trying to ignore A.G. Cook’s new remix of Rita Ora, a part of that kind of changed…

Firstly and 100% straight up, Butterz have done a lot for grime music.

We’ve interacted with them on a personal level and have written about them and their label for a long time now, but from the young enthusiasts and DJs Elijah & Skilliam were when they met at university (before diving headlong into the eons of pirate radio together) to the celebrated label bosses, respected DJs and promoters with residencies at clubs up and down the UK they are now; they’ve come a long way. Converting their boundless commitment to grime into a movement has been a super inspirational thing to have watched, too – the way they’ve maintained and engaged with their audience through their label’s shifts and managed to introduce them to the old guard and the roots of the genre just smacks of the strength of their own obsession. And, perhaps more importantly, their willingness to consistently pay homage.

Last night they joined all the dots together for a Label Focus feature on Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show inviting emcees Footsie and P Money to join them and in the process they united three generations of grime. As enlightening as listening to them talk about their roots, the label, their process and their collaborations ahead of the imminent release of Footsie’s Scars EP on the label is, the whole thing really steps up a level or ten when they take control of the turntables for an hour or so. Hearing Foots and P go back and forth, bar for bar, trading classic verses and new writtens is frankly astonishing. It’s hands down one of the funnest and exciting sets that I’ve listened to in ages. Plus, the protracted interview set up added with the expectation that goes with having two of the proven, best emcees going on the set and the clarity and punch of the BBC’s microphones truly only adds to the fever.

Listen to the show here.

w/ <3 to E & S. x