REVIEW: Various Artists – Certified Connections [Keysound]
Posted by Oli Marlow on December 1, 2014


I forget where I read it now, but someone, somewhere recently prefixed a review of recent Keysound material with words to the effect that the label is trying too hard to control and define the discourse curve its artists currently exist on. While I’d hate to think what that person would make of Certified Connections, the outfit’s second compilation presenting 14 tracks by its artists specifically within their own context, I do kind of see their point. 

After humble beginnings housing the various studio endeavours of its owners, Dusk & Blackdown, Keysound now exists as a portal for documenting a very specific element of London’s ever-blossoming club scene. Cloying, uniquely textural and bass-heavy, the label’s output owes a lot to that early FWD>> and DMZ era of dubstep, a time when everything was an experiment and new approaches happened weekly and for an incredibly niche audience – something Blackdown would eulogise in his ‘The Month In Grime & Dubstep’ column for Pitchfork. Obviously times have changed and music has moved on, but to a certain extent the producers surrounding the label (Wen, Logos, E.M.M.A etc) are all channelling aspects of that same open-ended production process that made the dancefloor of Plastic People such a revered place to be…


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Certified Connections is out now on Keysound.

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