PREMIERE: Famous Eno – Puzzlebox Riddim [Coyote]
Posted by Oli Marlow on December 19, 2014


The young, blossoming instrumental grime label Coyote Records return to finish 2014 the way they finished 2013 – with a compilation of exclusive and unreleased music from a ream of names who’ll probably start popping up a little bit more in your periphery come March/April/May time.

Now, it’s proving quite impossible to write this all down without noting in much more general terms how 2014 was a breakout year for a new breed of grime music. Albums from Slackk, Mr Mitch and Yamaneko each proved in their own way that there was a hell of a lot of scope to turn the stereotypical sound inward and express something a little more personal, pensive and ponderous. Granted, it’s something the scene’s pioneer Wiley did way back when with his iconic, stark sound palette insinuating a little bit of anger and reticence of his perceived position as an outsider (see ‘Wot U Call It’) but this year, the cats I mentioned, did it with style and (in most cases) without using words.

But alongside these all-too-few examples I’ve listed, there’s also been a glut of fevered club jams released. Look at the industrial edges of what Mumdance has been involved in and the insanely precise mechanics of Bloom’s new material on Crazylegs and the wealth of other music from people like Impey, Milktray, Inkke and a dozen other people I’m currently struggling to think of and am overlooking. This particular niche of grime, this tiny slice of a much wider pie, is absolutely firing and Tomas Fraser’s Coyote Kings Vol. 2 compilation aims to reflect a piece of that and the surge in talent this boom has unveiled.

The aforementioned Yamaneko appears and along with Gobstopper signee, Strict Face, who both shred an abstract shape whilst Coyote signing, Chemist spearheads a charge in the more floor focused fodder. Bubbling names like Sharp Veins, T_A_M, Nomis and Rejig all contribute something poignant and astute but Famous Eno’s ‘Puzzlebox Riddim’ really stood out on our first few listens. So, in promotion of the compilation’s release on 22nd December we’re here, streaming the said track for your consumption and/or judgement.


Coyote Kings Vol 2 is out on 22nd December.

Pre-order at Boomkat.