SR Mix #173: Impey [Sector 7 Sounds]
Posted by Tomas Fraser on June 16, 2014


It’s hard to really make your presence felt in and amongst the continuous run of great records emanating from instrumental grime’s increasingly competitive label circuit, but Bristol producers Boofy & Lemzly Dale have managed to do in just two records on their Sector 7 label. Announcing their arrival with a hard body limited press, hand-stamped 12″ last summer, the pair embody the grass roots, back-to-basics philosophy that’s the bedrock of Bristol’s thriving underground community.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that their follow up transmission is of equal home-grown pedigree and from a producer who, like Boofy & Lemzly Dale themselves, has chosen to sit on his best work until the time is right. The sheer ferocity of Impey’s opener ‘Bangclap’ – a track that’s become a mainstay at the forefront of many a record box since first surfacing earlier this year – is more than enough to make people remember to jot down the producer’s name, but the barren, cut-throat menace of B-side, ‘4titude’, makes for a more serious and on the whole, more impressive introduction.

Based in London, Impey’s sound certainly lends more to the producers of old than those currently defining the genre’s instrumental charge, but as demonstrated here, it seems to transcend both in a way that is probably more testament to his ability to focus on his own music over anything else. For all the recent producer-led experimentation, Impey is a welcome reminder that grime, even at its rawest, can still sound hard and incredible on wax.


“My Sonic Router Mix consists of mostly my own material as I wanted to give a taster of what I’ve been working on over these past few months, as well as including bits and pieces from various artists who I’m feeling at the minute,” Impey offers of his 45 minute mix. “I’ve recently been exploring all ends of the spectrum within my production, so hopefully this will give people an insight…”


DOWNLOAD: Impey – Sonic Router Mix #173


Impey – Darkside [Dub]
Boofy – Mask & Glove [Dub]
Impey – 4titude [Sector 7 Sounds]
Impey – Bangclap [Sector 7 Sounds]
Asa & Sorrow – Tundra [Dub]
Timbah – No Bootlegs [Dub]
Sorrow – Screwface [White Peach]
Kahn & Neek – Thief In The Law (Hi5Ghost VIP) [Dub]
Floops – Untitled 6 (Iron Soul Remix) [SBR]
OH91 – Xtra91 [Dub]
Captain – Rollin’ Reckless [Nebula]
Impey & Odessa – Bleepz 2014 [Dub]
Impey – D.R.U.G.S [Dub]
Impey – Loudpack [Dub]
????? & ????? – ????? (??????) [Dub]
Impey – 1970 [Dub]
Impey – Task Force [Dub]
Impey – Ho’ Gosh 2014 [White Peach]
Impey & Jack Flash – Rain Dance [Dub]
Th7 Immortxlz – Silent Nights [Dub]
Impey – M-Theory [Dub]
Th7 Immortxlz – New Love [Dub]
Impey & Miss Grabek – Syncronicity [Dub]
Miss Grabek – Prima Luce [Dub]

The ‘early release’ of Impey’s Bangclap/4titude 12″ is out now on Sector 7 Sounds.