SRR009: Ghost Kwini – Dark Address EP
Posted by Oli Marlow on May 12, 2014

Photo: Francoise Bolechowski


Ghost Kwini – Dark Address EP

Format: Digital download
Out: 9th June 2014

Sonic Router Records’ ninth release proper comes from the Netherlands based newcomer, Ghost Kwini. Dark Address is his debut release; a succinct four track EP that aims to explore Kwini’s relationship with internet technology and the way it influences and blurs the recall of memory.

Akin to the instrumental grime movement spearheaded by outfits like the London based Boxed and its component members, Kwini’s music runs at a similar spacious tempo and utilises the same impactful soundsystem-primed tactics of careering low end, but his tracks are littered with more distant ideas and ghostly voices than they are driving drums. ‘Black Google’ fuses 8bit stabs with an unsettling discordance, ‘Netscape Navigator’ reformats a little bit of grime’s obsession with low string samples, ‘Gothic Sheikh’ plays more with a funky tempo and ‘Uncanny Valley’ fragments the diva vocals.

“I’m very much into grime, both the old and recent stuff,” offers Kwini of his inspirations; “and, to me, one of the best things about grime music is the use of wild and strange sounds and samples. My music is definitely comparable to that particular aspect of grime, with it being so weird and wild and ‘wot u call it.’”

“This EP is my reflection on everything internet related,” he offers of the EP. “The internet these days seems like it’s almost organic; like it moves and grows so freely that it almost seems autonomous. I wanted the music to be imagining certain parts of that monster or to serve as the soundtrack to such an impossible to film idea.”


As premiered on Clash Music.

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Full Tracklist:

1. Black Google
2. Netscape Navigator
3. Gothic Sheikh
4. Uncanny Valley

Ghost Kwini’s Dark Address EP will be out on digital download from the 9th June 2014.