SR Mix #167: Vaghe Stelle [Astro:Dynamics]
Posted by Dick Jaxon on February 20, 2014


Much like the brash genre switches apparent in this mixtape, the Italian producer, Vaghe Stelle’s most recent record, the eight track long Sweet Sixteen for the Astro:Dynamics label, feels kind of confused at the best of times. But like a lot of this new woefully abstract ‘almost’ techno music, therein lies a whole lot of its charm. The weird spasmic torrents and shifts fit in perfectly with the record’s theme, “an attempt to have a conversation with the listener on the subjects of love and despair.” Calling the collection Sweet Sixteen just further frames the music in a pool of detuned hormones, impulses and rash second chance teenage situations whilst also inferring a certain wide eyed enthusiasm for the whole process.

It also manages to sound like a lot of things: simultaneously the junk shop beats of his label mate, Dynooo, the unrelenting punch of Kowton and the stylized, hollow tipped grime of someone like Visionist. In reality though, I’m not sure how much I really want you to read into this mix if, like me, you enjoy the pinpointed scope of Vaghe Stelle’s music. Sure our 167th mix is skilfully weaved and it gives you an idea into the type of musical influences he’s drawing from but I dunno; I feel like there’s something more to his own music that his mix is… overlooking…?

Still, I feel like this mix is designed to be a gateway and it’s definitely a romp. I’m not looking Vaghe or label boss Luke Owen in the mouth and spitting buckshot back at him when I say all this at all, it’s just that there’s so much more internalized stuff that becomes apparent in his music that after wallowing in a lot of that it gets harder and hard to switch that sort of thing off.

Yours emotively.
Dick Jaxon


DOWNLOAD: Vaghe Stelle – Sonic Router Mix #167


Krisma – Boys Drumming
Cabaret Volatire – Seconds too late
Slackk – Shogun Assassins
Torn Hawk – Gags and Broken Fingers
White Car – No Better
Herman Brahns – Pilot
Experimental Products – Glowing in the dark
Japanese Telecom – Virtual Origami
Raab – Layawat ( Lil Jon Remix)
Major Grave – Loving You
Palmistry – Vapore

Vaghe Stelle’s Sweet Sixteen LP is out now, on white vinyl via Astro:Dynamics.

Buy at Bleep.