SR Mix #166: Ten Hyphen Twenty [Where To Now]
Posted by Oli Marlow on December 11, 2013


Back in February of last year, we persuaded the Devon dwelling Ed Davenport to make us a mixtape. Around it we droned on about how people were using a harsh, caustic tonality in their beat work at the time, creating wonderfully shabby drum music that worked on a bunch of frequencies. Since then so much has happened, obviously, but a whole other group of people have properly embraced that type of a palette, ionizing the static and squall of distortion in a multitude of ways. Yes, WANDA GROUP’s dominance of the internet continues apace, deservedly cementing his reputation as one of the pioneering British mulch artists, but a lot of others have looked towards lo-fi broadcast methods and cassette saturation for inspiration – so much so that on any given day there’s an impossibly high possibility that half of the releases featured on the Boomkat front page will boast Xeroxed grey covers.

But Davenport’s music as Ten Hyphen Twenty (formerly 10-20 – he changed it for search engine optimization reasons) still retains all the sonic intrigue and corrosion that’s made us scramble to cover it on numerous different occasions before. Moving further away from his beat driven material, Davenport’s second Sonic Router Mix (and the Where to Now released cassette tape, Go To Earth, he’s made it to promote) finds it’s groove in a different way, through his array of weird pulsing sound gestations and delayed elements he hooks his tracks around.

Simply put, Davenport makes the type of unsettling compositions that if you braved the fog in London this morning whilst you were listening to them, you’d probably be a lot more strung out and anxious than you are right now. But you’d be a top boy in your own mind for having done so. You can read the full interview we conducted with Ten Hyphen Twenty back when here.


DOWNLOAD: Ten Hyphen Twenty – Sonic Router Mix #166

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Ten Hyphen Twenty’s Go To Earth cassette is out now via Where to Now and it’s awesome.

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