SR x tQ #031: Logos’ Touch Of Frost
Posted by Oli Marlow on November 29, 2013


SR’s editor’s column returns on respected opinion portal, The Quietus, with an extended interview with the London based producer Logos, who just released one of the contenders for album of the year, his Cold Mission on Keysound.

“I’m not interested in being nostalgic,” he states quite plainly, as if to summarise his outlook. “You could criticise my work for referencing the past, but that’s not the same thing. The palette is quite stark, partly because I was trying to become a non-overly fussy producer, but it’s about presenting sounds and space and allowing the music to develop in a way that isn’t necessarily that obvious to the listener.”

Oh… and to be fair, it was a fucking great sandwich.


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Listen to Logos’ Sonic Router Mix (#110) here.