PREMIERE: Kontext – Acid Shower [Klammklang]
Posted by Oli Marlow on November 5, 2013


In all honesty, it’s boring to talk about someone’s precision as a form of flattery; especially considering that some of my favourite tracks of recent memory are either as simple as, or as raw as, fuck. But when discussing the work of the Russian producer, Kontext, it feels like it’s completely impossible to ignore it. His meticulousness is not what defines his music by any means, but it’s just the clarity of it all is just so endlessly impressive. He’s got bite, he’s got depth and he’s got this rolling, lolloping sensibility that allows him to construct the same rhythms that everyone else does (sup skippy 44; your time) and make them inherently interesting – kinda like what XI was doing with bruk 2step drum patterns before he embarked proper on the Graze project with New Kanada boss Adam Marshall.

His latest transmission, the inaugural release on Klammklang label, is a deeper 9 track exploration of a strangely claustrophobic sound palette than he explored of his Immerse Records released Dissociate album back when. To me, he’s always been incredibly underrated; the type of stoic character who quietly does his own thing in his own environment that’s gleefully miles away from everything everyone else seems to care about. And then he just reappears out of the internet vapour with an arsenal of productions that sound vitally quirkier and more submerged in digital distortion than anything he’s done before.

‘Acid Shower’ is probably the most instant of the tracks dubbed onto Dysphoria, the label’s debut cassette release. All taut and simplistic sounding on the surface it’s actually serenely atmospheric underneath it all and it’s completely representative of the type of textures and approaches Stanislav Sevostyanikhin seems able to command so readily.


Kontext’s Dysphoria will be released on cassette and digital on 6th November via Klammklang.

Listen to Kontext’s SR Mix (#91) here.