PREMIERE: Darq E Freaker – Psychosis [All City]
Posted by Oli Marlow on October 11, 2013


I’m not just writing this because together we were party to one of the most surreal breakfast experiences I’ve ever had (cold hash browns and bleached eggs served side by side on rectangular slate in a motorway siding that looked like the inside of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s ‘leathers only’ wardrobe) but there’s something that feels quite vindicating about Mamiko Motto getting her debut compilation released; and especially on a forward thinking label like All City too. After years spent grinding, gleefully broadcasting her tastes via her Hepcat Radio show on NTS Live and working behind the scenes with the Kindred Spirit label she’s found the time and amassed Amada, a fourteen track compilation that features contributions from up and coming artists like SCNTST and Obey City alongside more established names in the hybrid world of beat funk, Dorian Concept and Mweslee.

Obviously Amada fully reflects the music policy Motto reps on her radio show and it’s testament to her ear for detail that the compilation feels like a properly sequenced listen that pits a lot of lo-fi/new age techniques against lush melodies and driving beat work from a variety of commendable musicians and producers. One of the undoubted highlights of the tracklisting comes from sometime Danny Brown collaborator, Darq E Freaker, a track that we’re here to premiere. Built in the same buoyant manner as his previous cuts ‘Cherryade’ and ‘Blueberry,’ ‘Psychosis’ is a club weapon; centred around massive sub loaded kick drums, trickling 909 snares and a bombastic, elastic synth riff, it’s not entirely representative of the quality on offer elsewhere on Amada. It’s the big hitter on a compilation that otherwise manages to deftly – and quite sweetly – explore numerous musical avenues.


Mamiko Motto presents Amada will be out on 22nd October through All City.

Full tracklisting:

1. Obey City – Take It Back
2. Young Mind – Jennifer
3. Bobby – Tame the Shrew
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Git Thee
5. James Pants – Ritual Magick
6. Silkersoft – Duel Unmastered
7. Darq E Freaker – Psychosis
8. Fatima Yamaha – AAA
9. SCNTST – For Forest Play Only
10. Mweslee – Una 41 (In Memoriam)
11. DZ – Shoulda Coulda
12. Dorian Concept – Empty Everything
13. Claude Speeed – Crushed Rave
14. GMCFOSHO – Comupout