NOTED: OH91 – Stealth [Coyote Records]
Posted by Joe Moynihan on September 2, 2013


One thing I’ve banged on about in this whole new wave of grime instrumental producers business elsewhere is how impressively intricate, yet still wholly functional inna dance, the tunes are in terms of structure and progression. True as that is (Samename, Bloom and co. I see you), there’s still a whopping amount to be said about the slew of producers crafting tunes with little else in mind other than making people go through the ceiling. Think about the likes of Dullah Beatz, Faze Miyake, Preditah, or Splurt Diablo’s recent Wu-Tang referencing heater on Oil Gang. People who make the kind of tune where after just 16 bars you’re already texting a mate a link to Soundcloud or YouTube and saying “bloody hell mate I just cartwheeled out of the office to this >>” or something. Hammers, basically.

OH91’s debut 12” for Coyote Records (disclosure: an imprint run by regular Sonic Router contributor Tomas Fraser) is another one of those essential bangers – minimal in structure, maximal as all fuck in sound – driven by blasts of inexplicably thick, fuzzy bass and end-of-days synths. Spooky is enlisted for a typically devastating remix, bouncing the bass stabs off rubbery walls for one 8-bar section and going straight ravey 2-step in the other.


OH91’s ‘Stealth’ 12” (b/w Spooky Remix) will be out in October via Coyote Records. A free (before midnight) launch party featuring OH91 & Friends (this includes some very serious guests and fellow Coyote signee Chemist) will take place at the Bristol Exchange on September 20th.