PREMIERE: Natasha Kmeto – Deeply (Fhloston Paradigm Journey Mix) [Dropping Gems]
Posted by Oli Marlow on July 23, 2013


It does feel funny to be jumping around from email conversations about the stoic virtue of grime music and the all-round rad-icity of drum tracks (from people like Joe, Helix and Dolo Percussion) to writing about beatless reams of gargle led mood music, but such is life post Geocities. And King Britt’s reworking of Natasha Kmeto’s (pictured) ‘Deeply’ under his Fhloston Paradigm alias is, in a way, just as impressionable as a rampant drum break could be. I guess it just depends which state of mind you approach it in.

What’s really quite striking is that Kmeto’s work on the Dropping Gems label never really relies that heavily on the atmospheres her polar vocal delivery can create – that fact is pretty evident all over her recently released debut album, Crisis, filled as it is with Hyperdub beat nuances and her kind of sparse spatial experimentation on pieces like ‘Morning Sex’. But it works so well when King Britt here sets her vocal free. In alleviating Kmeto’s topline from its tumultuous surroundings on the album and pairing it with weird, bubbling low end arpeggios and heavily reverbed drones, her voice takes on a thousand new quandaries. It’s like the open ended space he commits it too never manages to step up and act as the response to her call and every word she sings just… kind of… hangs there… somewhere deep within the core of the dense sound design.


The Fhloston Paradigm remixes of ‘Deeply’ will be available via the Dropping Gems bandcamp on 30th July.

Natasha Kmeto’s Crisis LP is out now.

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