SR Mix #151: Doubleheart [High Sheen]
Posted by Oli Marlow on February 7, 2013


Back in December we may have hailed Doubleheart’s third EP as ‘a masterstroke’ but it wasn’t just the fact that legendary Scottish musicians JD Twitch and Neil Landstrumm were doing something decisively different to what everyone was doing that made it stand out. The Roots EP is full of uniquely wonky passages irked out of their different analogue boxes and these consistently impressive evolutions that felt more like the duo were simply capturing the spontaneity of a jam session than painstakingly cutting and organising their arrangement, keep popping out. I mean, that approach is kind of already inferred considering that Landstrumm is involved – I swear he’s gone on the record hailing that as his main approach some place before – but on tracks like ‘Ghent’, the duo never seemed to repeat themselves or rehash an idea or add a flowery cut up vocal on top.

Obviously as composite parts both JD Twitch (of Optimo fame) and Landstrumm go way back. They have the kind of previous experience that makes the pairing such a great concept but musically there was a real vitality to the Roots EP. Even on ‘Bruise’ when they channel ghosts of electro past, it sounds like the riff was born to be the perfect lead line – especially when it gets harmonized into all kinds of fruity synth voices after two and a half minutes. That’s the kind of subtle touch, wonderment type shit that made us fumble over ourselves to grab a mix from them. And with the High Sheen label showcase happening on Saturday at Make Do up in Glasgow, this one dropped into our lap at an incredibly opportune moment.

Mixed by JD Twitch it’s billed as a Doubleheart ‘influences mix’ that jumps around quite vividly, stylistically; and it’s something that we’re super happy to be able to package up and share with the internet as our 151st Sonic Router Mix.


DOWNLOAD: Doubleheart – Sonic Router Mix #151

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Doubleheart’s Roots EP is out now on High Sheen. The launch party of which, that includes the debut Doubleheart live show, is on Saturday at Make Do in Glasgow.