PREMIERE: Alphabets Heaven – Ivory Heart [King Deluxe]
Posted by Oli Marlow on February 26, 2013


Having followed the progress of Brighton based producer, Alphabets Heaven for a little while, what’s so impressive about his new EP, Siamese Burn is how full and technically rich it is. Often with beat dudes everything is fractured with these quickly captured loops and one trick ideas that absolutely bang for 3 minutes; and I fucking love that, but compositionally, Siamese Burn elevates itself out of that world simply by dealing with that hip hop type of subject matter in a different way.

In retrospect I’ve probably done him a disservice even mentioning him as a ‘beats dude’ because his new music is far away from any kind of beat repeat or MPC crunch. ‘Ivory Heart’ is one of the tracks on the EP (along with ‘Birthday’) that really shelves the attention on the drums in favour of rich melodies and snatches of real songwriting coming off like a bit of a more culturally relevant Bonobo.


Alphabets Heaven’s Siamese Burn EP is out on the 18th March via King Deluxe.