Posted by Oli Marlow on February 12, 2013


Welcome to Pentagon: the subscribe-able five track podcast brought to you by Sonic Router.

It’s designed as more of succinct synopsis of the music we cover on the site and the concept is pretty simple and open. Each episode will be made up of five tracks of differing focus (hence the name, Pentagon). Regardless of whether they’re themed or not, ideally the episodes will be transmitted weekly and they’ll only ever be around 15-20 minutes long – the perfect and easily digestible length of time to soundtrack a bus journey or a trip into town.

The second episode of 2013, this one is a bit dreamier (until the end bit).


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1. Soosh – For You [forthcoming Error Broadcast]
2. Hav Lyfe – Ocean Terace [Sonic Router Records]
3. Actress – Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion [Werk Discs]
4. Maxmillion Dunbar – Kangroo [forthcoming RVNG Intl]
5. Blue Daisy presents Dahlia Black – Fuck A Rap Song [37 Adventures]