SR Mix #149: Joe [Hessle Audio/Hemlock]
Posted by Oli Marlow on January 7, 2013


It’s pretty amazing to note that 2012 was such a massive year for Joe. Considering his mercurial reputation, the London based producer only actually released three tracks last year, with all three dropping on Untold’s Hemlock Recordings label. Stylistic miles away from the solid, brutally well percussed dubstep tempoed tunes he first hit out with (‘Grimelight’ b/w ‘Rut’ on Hessle Audio), his new Hemlock material makes new strides into slower more playful territories with tracks like ‘Studio Power On’ once again showing his ingenuity as a producer, with him playfully sampling saws and more, and ‘R.E.J Bit’ acting as his show piece for 2012, with him swirling lush piano phrases about in his own unique way.

Crucially though, everything he’s released to date has retained this impossibly high level of quality control that Joe’s become famed for. I mean, think about it, he’s only released four 12”s, remixed two people (Scuba and Untold) and has two tracks on two label compilations (Hessle Audio’s 116 and Rising and Hemlock’s Chapter One) since 2009, but go and listen back to them; each one is built to such a level and, possibly more importantly, they’re super fun to mix. His Hessle 12”s are absolute stone cold classics, his Apple Pips 12” shows a bit more of his meticulous character and hankering for weird psych music and then there’s ‘Claptrap’, Joe’s most breakout tune, which was just coughs, hand claps and hyper-detailed kick drum programming. But out it flew, finding its way into sets as varied as Elijah & Skilliam and Ricardo Villalobos and it’s this kind of an incredibly well made in joke like that continues to make his music so interesting.

No one really has the foresight to sample so gloriously weird like him and no one quite gets that level of intricate percussion and tweeter testing sub bass as right as he can. We’ve spoken to Joe before for The Quietus back in August of 2010, in what I think remains his only online interview to date, where he still managed to give very little away apart from the fact that sometimes in a dance, you’ll see him air drumming along to the percussion lines. But then, that mystery has always been part Joe’s appeal for me. Like, even though I know him, I still want to be surprised and have that clamouring over myself feeling to buy his music whenever he puts something out.

Yes, you can probably tell that I’m plenty over-excited to be able to drop this, the first Sonic Router mix of 2013. We’ve be ardent supporters of everything Joe’s released since we first heard ‘Rut’ and the music he’s making know is just as exciting as that release was back then. If I write anymore I’ll be blushing when Joe turns up to fabric this Friday to play for our first Room Three takeover of 2013, but I’m pretty sure he’s excited as we are to be part of the lineup for Ben UFO’s FABRICLIVE 67 CD launch party. With that said, here’s a personal dream achieved, 30 minutes of “quite chilled out” music from Joe Dubstep…


DOWNLOAD: Joe – Sonic Router Mix #149

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Catch Joe alongside Peverelist and Cupp Cave (Live) in Room Three at FABRICLIVE this Friday. For the full lineup, tickets or further information, go here.