Rude Kid – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix
Posted by Tomas Fraser on January 17, 2013


In a scene in which longevity is rarely guaranteed, virtuoso producer Rude Kid has remained one of grime’s few constants since first making his mark just over five years ago. Alongside Teddy, then producing under the Silencer moniker, Rude Kid was heralded as one of the genre’s most exciting new talents with his debut EP Are You Ready? on No Hats No Hoods only serving to justify the hype. The monstrous ‘Electric’, a track that most still revere him for, followed in 2009, by which time he was the genre’s most in-demand creative force.

A favourite with MCs, most notably Skepta, his brand of futuristic, sci-fi grime (eptimoised by classic instrumental ‘UFO Mode’) remains one of grime’s most iconic calling cards. Although now signed to Relentless/Sony Music (he released debut single ‘Get Busy’ last summer), his sound remains immediately identifiable and whilst his latest work is more dubstep-leaning than before, his recent free , a concept that saw him make a beat a day for a week, suggests that grime is still at the heart of everything Rude Kid holds dear. With this in mind, Tomas Fraser managed to catch up with him ahead of a potentially ground-breaking 2013 and grabbed our first grime focused collaborative mix of the year…

Sonic Router: You’ve been one of grime’s most respected hit-makers for the last five years. How much have you enjoyed being a part of it all? How do you think your sound has developed over that time?

Rude Kid: Obviously the enjoyment levels are high. I always wanted to be part of the whole movement since first hearing the grime sound and I hoped I could be the guy that everyone would go to for beats. I’d like to think I’ve achieved that now. When people hear the ‘Are You Ready?’ trademark they know it’s gonna be a madness and it’s a good feeling. But I want more of it; I need to carry on and make more and more of a success of myself. I’ve started to experiment with newer sounds over the last few years and taken more time to make music for me rather than thinking about what DJs are gonna play. Sticking to what I do best and doing me seems to produce the best results.

You signed with Relentless/Sony Music last year – was it an easy decision or one that you deliberated about?

It wasn’t just that deal on the table at the time but me and my management felt it was the right label to go with and I’m still with them at the moment. My second single will be out through them in the next few months. You never expect a record deal to be honest, I mean ‘Get Busy’ was a track that I made in my room to play out so it was a big surprise.

Have you had to adapt your sound now you’re backed by a major label?

They are always gonna want stuff to appeal to the mainstream but if you listen to everything I’ve made before, it’s all quite different and varied. If you listen to ‘Jack Daniels’, it’s more house-inspired where as a track like ‘Raindrops’ is more mellow and chilled out. The only thing I have to do is guarantee that a track is going to be a hit. I’m not at that stage where I can just release any track and it’ll work for me, I’m still climbing that ladder!

You’ve worked with a slew of MCs in your time – who has been the most interesting to work with?

I love working with people like Skepta, P Money, JME … ah there’s too many really. Every MC brings something to the new table; they’ve all got different characters and ideas. I love experimenting with different MCs and vocalists but there are just too many names to mention to be honest.

Favourite track you’ve produced?

Shit man, there’s a lot not even out yet that I like at the moment! For the way it pops off in the clubs though, it’s gotta be ‘Electric’ but the tune that’s done the most for me as an artist is ‘Get Busy’.

The mix you’ve done for us is packed with new Rude Kid material, as well as a few tracks from Faze Miyake and Flosstradamus – is the whole southern hip-hop/trap sound a big part of your thinking heading into 2013?

Yeah, it’s mainly 2013 Rude Kid stuff in there! Hopefully people will become a bit more familiar with the tunes because a few have just been vocalled. As far as that trap sound goes, I don’t put a label to anything so to me it’s all grime, it’s all music that I enjoy listening to. I do like that 808 style at the moment though, definitely.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from you this year?

On February 11th, I’ll be self-releasing the What the Hell EP on Are You Ready? Music and then I’m focusing on my next single with Sony. I’m hoping to put another EP after the single but I can’t go in to that too much just yet…


DOWNLOAD: Rude Kid – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix

1. Rude Kid – Outer Space
2. Faze Miyake – GOMH REMIX
3. Rude Kid – Saturday
4. Flosstradamus – ITH
5. Rebound X – R’n’G
6. Rude Kid – Monday
7. Rude Kid – Yagga
8. Rude Kid – Echo
9. Rude Kid – What The Hell
10. Rude Kid – Jet Lag
11. Footsie – LionHeart
12. Faze Miyake – Tenchu
13. Rude Kid – 11pm
14. Rude Kid – Next Saturday
15. Rude Kid – Take a Look
16. Rude Kid – Hidden Messages
17. Rude Kid – Black Clouds
18. Rude Kid – Happy Trappy
19. Rude Kid – Friday
20. Rude Kid – Time Teller
21. Rude Kid – Crep Hype Remix