PREMIERE: Monolithium & Prison Garde – Pavillionaire [Error Broadcast]
Posted by Oli Marlow on November 12, 2012

Anyone with eyes on the Canadian contingent of producers associated with more established acts like Lucky Me’s Lunice and Ango, should’ve heard whispers of the name Monolithium for a while now. With just a single limited edition 12” to his name on the Error Broadcast label – aka them guys who put out some of Shlohmo’s early stuff – Mono’s been proving that he’s up on every bit of what his peers can do, producing across an array of styles that despite the obvious (tempo) differences still seem intrinsically linked. He’s following up his 2011 Simon & G-funk release with another 12” for the label called Bounce 4 Life, which features 5 original productions of differing flavours alongside remixes from KingThing (SR Mix #127), EB’s own H-Sik and internet pal of the moment, Main Attrakionz producer, Ryan Hemsworth.

Along with the footwork paced sentiment of the title track and ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Monolithium wields his restraint with poise on the aptly named (for a slow-mo Slugabed type of heavy hitter), ‘Lancashire Hammer and engages with his concentric lead lines on ‘Spiral Face’ before exploding into almost electro metronomics later on; but one of the most notable things we found to love on the EP over the first few listens was ‘Pavillionaire’, his collaboration with Prison Garde (aka one of SR’s early formative production heroes, Sixtoo).

Built from the oft over-palatable palette of pitched up vocal samples, low end risers and tough drums the two producers strive to make something unique and early on, powered with the little ear worming machine melodies that live in the space the hi hat’s leave open, they make something driving that’s actually pretty layered. ‘Pavillionaire’ is a knowing 140 bpm composition that even on a skim listen feels deeper than just chords as a hook and flowery vocals to drive it into your memory.


Monolithium’s Bounce 4 Life EP is out on 10th December through Error Broadcast.