NOTED: Filter Dread – Hyper Lost [Lost Codes]
Posted by Stuart H. Orthand on November 1, 2012

Visionist is really starting to prove that he’s got that kind of an ear. If you follow him on the requisite social networks you’ll find evidence aplenty that the guy loves grime music, but it’s his A&R work for his Lost Codes label that seems to be shedding more light on the depths and delicacies of his taste. Sure, the imminent Hyper Lost release from Filter Dread works more on a conventional club level than the first release from SD Laika did, but Dread’s awkward fusion of manic ambience one minute and simple gut reaching rhythms the next is just as noteworthy. It’s definitely towards the end of the EP – namely ‘Fang X’ and ‘Solar Caves’ especially, where Dread incorporates tribal percussion (i.e. a conga) – that he hits a personalised stride, all rolling reverb tails, brittle pads and micro looped samples.


Hyper Lost is out tomorrow on digital through Lost Codes.