Bloom – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix
Posted by Oli Marlow on August 6, 2012

I could quite easily paraphrase the introduction I wrote to Becoming Real’s Sonic Router Mix (#132) when talking about the latest person that Tomas Fraser selected for two site’s our ongoing mix collaboration, but I won’t. I’ll bastardize something I wrote for the forthcoming issue of DJ Mag in saying that I don’t think I’ve over listened to the accompanying Starkey and Slackk remixes of Bloom’s debut release on Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper imprint, ‘Quartz’, because I find it pretty hard to get myself past the original version without re-loading it. It’s got that grime everything: big, long, pungent bass stabs, gun cocking as percussion, floaty high end trickles, those all important hollow square wave Wiley-isms and one of the best, most stuttering-est beats I’ve heard in ages. It’s also quite funny to note that the Belfast resident was pretty much a complete unknown a little over three months ago.

‘Quartz’ was reportedly snapped up by Mr Mitch within days of it appearing on Soundcloud and its thrust Bloom into the internet spotlight in pretty emphatic fashion. Heralded by FACT as one of 2012’s best instrumentals already, ‘Quartz’ has caused such a stir because quite simply, it’s an amalgamation of styles and yet it sounds nothing like anything that has gone before it. With the backing of prominent tastemakers and widespread radio backing, it looks set to be one of the summer’s biggest releases. So, bearing this in mind, Tomas Fraser managed to catch up with Bloom himself, discussing Belfast, grime and a career-defining 3 months to better frame his contribution to the Sonic Router x Uncle Albert mix series.

Sonic Router: For those who might not be too familiar with you, could you give us a bit of an introduction?

Bloom: My name’s Terry, I’m from Belfast and I’ve been making beats and deejaying under the name Bloom for quite a few years now – it’s been mainly grime recently though.

Belfast is a city not commonly associated with grime – how and why did you decide to get into making it?

Yeah that’s very true; there is no grime scene here at all and if it wasn’t for the internet I probably wouldn’t know anything about it. Listening to shows on Rinse inspired me to start making grime to be honest…

Any shows in particular? Any profound inspirations?

I’d have to say Dusk & Blackdown shows mainly I reckon, I’ve always liked the way they mix it up from 130 stuff right through to grime. It’s not just grime I’m influenced by either, I love loads of different styles of music.

‘Quartz’ was on your Soundcloud a matter of days before Mr Mitch signed it to his Gobstopper imprint and has subsequently been hailed, by Fact amongst others, as the best grime instrumental of 2012 – did you ever think you could make such an impact with one track?

Not really at all to be honest, I’m still pretty blown away by all the support it’s received, especially by the Fact recognition. I knew when I made it was a decent track but didn’t expect all that. It’s been crazy.

The mix is a great blend of styles – talk to us about your selection…

I just wanted to showcase the sort of set I would play in a club. I like to mix it up a bit and just play stuff that I’m into regardless of genres. There’s still a lot of grime in there though!

‘Quartz’ has ensured you’ll be a man in demand over the summer – what can we expect next?

I don’t know about that but I hope so! There are quite a few things happening at the moment. Obviously ‘Quartz’ just dropped on Friday and I’ve got an EP coming out on Visionist’s new label, Lost Codes. I’m also working on some music with another label that I can’t really talk about at the moment; it’s all in the early stages. Gig wise, I’ve just played Dublin and I’m looking forward to hopefully playing some dates in London.


DOWNLOAD: Bloom – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix


Various Production – Lost (Actress Remix)
T – Polar – The Sofa Shuffle Club
Sd laika – Spaceman Piff (Visionist Remix)
LOLGurlz & 5kinAndbone5 – Matrixx
TS7 – Grade A (Walton Remix)
Lil Silva – Quest
Dark Sky – Tremor
LOLGurlz & 5kinAndbone5 – Da Descent
Gremino – Rupi VIP
DJ Soulja-Man – Unknown
Visionist – Test me no Chance
Basement Jaxx – Jump N Shout
Bloom – Zing Panther
Visionist – Come In
Javeon Mc Carthey – Love without a Heart (Brey Remix)
Mr. Mitch – Yeah Yeah
Bloom – Maze Temple
Bloom – Quartz
Wiley – Colder (Samename Remix)
Visionist – Pour water On a Witch
Mr. Mitch – Tash Wax
Noaipre – Frosty Time
Samename – Nightfall
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Dexplicit – Bullcake (Samename Remix)
Major Grave Vs Beyonce – End of time
Buddy – Awesome
Kanye West & Jay Z – Paris
Jim – E Stack – Bubble Boy (Myrryrs Remix)

Bloom’s Quartz is out now through Gobstopper.