RECOMMENDED: Grenier – Uncertain/Vendetta [Tectonic]
Posted by Oli Marlow on July 17, 2012

Ok, right, there was a point in time when what DJG was doing sent me loopy. He had a real vision and toughness going on in his music and considering he was from the USA, the country that would a little later come to adopt dubstep in a way I don’t think anyone ever really deemed possible (MEGA RAVE), his work kind of served as proof of how that internet powered 140 bpm bug caught people. I used to think the Hyperdub as a ‘virus’ tagline that they used was a tad weird in the beginning but for that early music (think from Burial onwards) it really was true say: you got bitten once and then that was it; you really were in.

Now operating under his surname after releasing quite an impressive slew of records on labels like Pushing Red, Noppa, Lo Dubs, Warm Communications and Tranistor since 2008, Dean J. Grenier is back in the kind of driven form I always associated with his name with his first record on Tectonic. Aside from the collabo he made with Salva on Frite Nite and the 12” he snuck out on Photek’s label after Photek heard them and spun them into his DJ KiCKS mix, which for a minute there seemed to signal a more simplified approach, there’s been little from Grenier since around the time ‘Avoid The Noid’ finally came out back in 2010. His latest record is definitely a welcome return to that early form with Pinch giving home to ‘Uncertain’ and ‘Vendetta’; two bonafide ugly cuts that bruise through the melodic subtleties with their monstrous kicks.


Grenier’s Uncertain b/w Vendetta is out now through Tectonic. There’s a three track 12” under the DJG moniker that just came out on Get Darker also.