SR Mix #131: Buzzin10 [Frijsfo Beats]
Posted by Oli Marlow on May 18, 2012

Everything we’ve experienced about Buzzin10 so far has been short but sweet. From the email correspondence, to his concise mix to the reasoning he provided in our accompanying questionnaire he’s been a little shy about being forthcoming. What we do know is that he makes garage music that the label tells us is pieced together “by sampling fragments from old tape packs – mainly Garage Nation’s late 90s recordings” and that his debut EP, Basement Moods is being release by the Frijsfo label, aka the guys who helped break Sully to a wider audience.

It’s with a producer like Sully that the young East Londoner 10 shares an affinity, his layers on layers of swung rhythms bringing that knowing brittle shuffle in similar ways. His three track EP opens with quite a hollow feeling, his big bruising bass stabs oppressing the mix on ‘Buzzin Twelve’ working on top of the beat with very little else driving them. He’s taken a similar approach with the eponymous track that’s driven with a similar four note riff but there’s a glourious falsified intricacy in the final track ‘String Thing’ – it sounds way more complicated than it actually is after the beat seeps through the arpeggio lead line and that’s probably more to do with the different textures, the sharp inflection of reverb on the main snare drum and those little spin back percussive sounds rather than any kind of intensive tricks or micro programming.

His touches aren’t subtle, like UTTU’s Palace, 10’s quite heavy handed with his effecting but that works as a roughness and gives a scuff his tracks that purposefully bucks against the trend for pristine mixdown sheen. His music is quite raw and enviably open and even after the small amount of back and forth we’ve had setting this article up it’s obvious that all he really cares about is making music so we figured to keep the waffle down to a minimum and just present the internet with him and his own material in Buzzin10’s Sonic Router Mix – #131 in our ongoing series…

Sonic Router: So for those who don’t know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Buzzin10: I come from London and I make garage music. People tell me it’s a bit different…

How did you first start getting into making music? How long have you been doing it for? And what brought you through to the sounds you’re making now?

My brother had a sampler and a few things and used to try and make tunes. After he got tired of it he let me mess about on it since I was about 14. I had all his old garage tapes I liked and used to get sounds off them so that has influenced the sounds a lot.

What’s your set-up like for production? And is it something that’s changed over the period of time you’ve been doing it?

It’s an Akai sampler plus some really old keyboards. I picked up a few extra bits as I got into it, mostly from places like Cash Converters… rally old cheap boxes that do reverbs and echo. I like how they make everything sound dark.

I read in the accompanying gumpf that came with the EP that you’re influenced by old garage. What got you into that kind of music?

Its just music we used to hear as kids growing up. My brother had loads of Garage Nation tapes and records like So Solid, Wookie and stuff like that.

You’re putting a 12” out on Frijsfo. Can you tell us about the EP?

I just try and express something in the music but keep a good beat in there as well. I made loads of tracks and they picked those three for the first record…

What have you got coming up in the near future – any new releases/major plans on the horizon?

There will be one or two more records on other labels and Frijsfo want to do another release on mp3 in the summer.

Could you tell us a little about the mix you’ve recorded for us? Did you have any particular aims in mind for it?

It’s just a mix of my tunes. We did it on the computer and I wanted to make it so you hear the best bit of each tune without it hanging about. So each tune mixes in to the next one quite quickly.

And, in true Sonic Router tradition, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?

Nah, not really.


DOWNLOAD: Buzzin10 – Sonic Router Mix #131

No tracklist given, though they’re all Buzzin10 tracks.


Buzzin10’s Basemood Mood EP is out on Monday (21/5) through Frijsfo Beats.