FIRST LISTEN: Alphabets Heaven – Boosh [King Deluxe]
Posted by Oli Marlow on April 26, 2012

Sometimes you just want to hear beats that have an instant swang. As much as I dig trying to get under the skin of a record, sometimes it’s nice to have that kind of smash immediacy that just surmises a whole track in one 8 bar refrain. Obviously it should differ and build, break down and then re-construct, that’s just the nature of the music but like, sometimes you don’t want to wait and build anticipation through excessive layering; you just want to be rewarded from the get go. A record like Alphabet Heaven’s Boosh forthcoming on Canada’s King Deluxe label does just that – from the first drum stumble of the eponymous track you get that mood, that head nod and that retribution.

Its part of a four track EP from the Brighton based producer that only really stumbles once – the hyper editing of ‘genggeng’ tries too hard and could easily overshadow the level of soul and musicality that appears on the other tracks ‘Boosh’, ‘Soul Dancing and ‘Deartentonine’ if you let it. To be fair music of this ilk and quality is something Jonny Wildey has been hinting at for a while now with his limited run Rosewater cassettes and ripples of other material I’ve heard.

Alphabets Heaven’s Boosh EP will be out May 1st through King Deluxe.