PREMIERE: Sebastian Rochford & LV – Sugah Sweet
Posted by Oli Marlow on March 26, 2012

Polar Bear’s drummer and driving force Sebastian Rochford (pictured) has a habit for working with a lot of people. It’s a trait he shares with other famous drummers, who always seem able and keen as hell to work with as many different outfits, producers or bands as possible. I guess it’s because a beat is instrumental to most kind of musics that a good drummer can constantly flit in and out of projects after stamping their sticks all over it, but the most recent collaborations Rochford’s been privy to arranging are getting compiled and seeing release on his digital singles club, Days & Nights At The Takeaway. Named after the recording processes that take place in his own studio, a former London takeaway, the singles will be released on the last Friday of every month as a one track single backed by an exclusive remix throughout 2012.

Given Rochford’s far reaching credentials as a musician and jazz drummer (Polar Bear’s 2005 album Held On The Tips Of Fingers was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize) the collaborators aren’t necessarily the types of people who’ll populate a Sonic Router internal site search (hello Leo Abrahams, Gina Loring and Ranjana Ghatak) but Rochford’s ear and production guide you into his array of vastly wielding ideas tentatively. He’s openly experimenting with processes, recording techniques and other people and he’s probably learning a lot about them and his studio setup as he does it. The reason we’re introducing this is because the third single, ‘Sugah Sweet’, is a collaboration with LV – whose Routes album on Blackdown’s Keysound label deserves a whole heap more praise than it got (even though to be fair, it did get a lot) – and we’ve duly been asked to premiere the stream of it and the M.A.T.H.E.S. (aka Michachu, of & The Shapes fame) remix.

‘Sugah Sweet’ is initially reminiscent of LV’s previous work: rolling clipped drums that stud out a rhythm over snarling square wave bass and delayed vocal samples, but it drops after a breath into a beast of a drum break that wouldn’t be out of place on DJ Signify’s landmark Sleep No More album on LEX Records. It’s more head nod than dance but then, once the break drops, it pulls complete focus in that tested Entroducing manner that makes you more intent on studying the incidental reverbs and metallic clangs of the drum kit than anything else.


Sebastian Rochford & LV’s ‘Sugah Sweet’ will be available to purchase on Friday 30th March direct from the Days And Nights At The Takeaway bandcamp.