PREMIERE: Eprom – Can Control [Rwina]
Posted by Oli Marlow on March 14, 2012

A couple of weeks ago there was a little ripple in the internet that stemmed from a typically unassuming soundcloud link, leaving something of an underproduced void in its wake in my world. In these cyber aware, hyper driven times we live in, an event like that is nothing new, if anything they’re becoming a lot more commonplace, but ‘Regis Chillbin’ resonated deeper and seemingly every time I went out in the week that followed I heard some music by the San Francisco based producer, Eprom. Admittedly I was in the company of dudes who share an emphatic passion for his kind of ham fisted, drum thuggery, but it wasn’t even new music I was hearing out – Eprom’s forthcoming Metahuman album on Rwina Records is still pretty much locked down – but when combined with my repeated online listening, for the slightest of moments there, the guy felt a tiny bit inescapable.

It’s not the first time that Eprom’s caught our ear with his “dirty, low slung, seedy digitzed hip hop”; we featured him around the time of his Pipe Dream EP with SR Mix #82 back in May of last year and since then he’s only really put out the impeccable ‘Psycho’ on the Berlin based Leisure System. But what’s more than evident on ‘Regis Chillbin’ and ‘Can Control’ (a track we’ve here been granted the exclusive premiere rights to) is that with the whole Metahuman project he’s going in hard on purpose; toying with every notion of a conventional club arrangement on ‘Can Control’.

The full version falls just short of 6 minutes and it shapeshifts numerous times. At several points his drum work stumbles into a half jog, like when you catch your toe on the pavement and try to style it out as the start of a sprint, but more than that the rhythm of the whole thing is kind of perplexing. It’s slow, menacing and methodical in the way it builds, but it’s not as obviously hip hop as ‘Regis…’ or a lot of his previous stuff. There are elements of that ‘Footcrab’ era 140bpm juke in the way the toms tumble and then again, more obviously when it finally drops into a constant kick pulse after 4 minutes, but then there are these scything reversed stabs that tail on out like reverbed shards after they’ve pierced through the flabby skin of the kick drum. They’re wholly unsettling but completely welcome in this weird stuttering totem pole of tune.

‘Can Control’ is intentionally dirty, calculatedly evil and the thanks to the bass tones the thing never really lets up, even when it’s not anywhere close to gunning it at all. It’s infectious as hell and when you combine that with the motorised lurch of ‘Regis Chillbin’ you can start to see why me and a whole bunch of other Eprom fanboys are so excited about Metahuman.


Eprom’s Metahuman LP will be out around early June time.