VIDEO: Boss Kite & Motem – Fruit Smoothie [Donky Pitch]
Posted by Oli Marlow on February 10, 2012

No matter how hard you try, no matter how careful you are, chances are somewhere down the line there, you probably messed something up. Its character forming though; learning from it is a true measure of your ability to grow as a person. I’m not a psycho-analyst, therapist or even a particularly prudent social commentator any further than advising the 5 or 10 people I actually personally interact with on a daily basis but hey, you might find solace in this the pace and tone of this new collaboration between Boss Kite (SRQ011) and Motem (SR Mix #71) if you’ve been over thinking your existence a little today.



Taken from Boss Kite’s 4 track Comicon EP which was given away earlier this week on Donky Pitch’s Bandcamp.