P Jam – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix
Posted by Tomas Fraser on February 14, 2012

After a near 4-year long hiatus, 2011 saw London’s P Jam return to the fold with the re-release of his grime classic ‘Anger Management’ on Terror Danjah’s Hardrive imprint. Originally vocalled by D Double E, the instrumental of it had remained in demand for nigh on 8 years and the whole time it continued to serve as the perfect touchstone reminder of Jam’s obvious production talents in the absence of any fresh material. The track’s success when it was released, along with 2 other tracks on a coloured 12” back in March, provided the much needed catalyst for a hugely productive 12 month period that’s seen a slew of new music (including the excellent and much lauded ‘Arizona Skyz’) and a new label, Beatcamp, to boot.

Now working hard with a new production team, 2012 promises a lot for one of the scene’s most unassuming veterans; so with that in mind, Tomas Fraser caught up with P Jam to talk shop and grab the latest edition in our collaborative mix series.

Sonic Router: For those who might not know too much about you as an artist, how would you describe yourself?

P Jam: I’m P Jam, I’m 27 years old and I’ve been working in the grime scene since roughly 2003. My first release was a track called ‘Real’, although I’m probably best known for ‘Anger Management’ with D Double E. I also produced a track called ‘Spun A Web’ that featured Big Narstie and Shystie amongst others that proved quite successful. I recently took a 3-4 year break from music due to personal reasons but came back in 2011 with Hardrive and the release of the ‘Anger Management’ instrumental. I’ve also just set up my own label, Beatcamp.

You’ve included tracks from a variety of grime’s most promising producers in your mix – what was the thinking behind your selection?

My idea was to get a mix together that’d take you on a journey as opposed to just throwing bangers together in any old order. I really like vocal grime at the moment too, especially with good female vocalists and I’m trying to push that both as a DJ and on my label. I guess I wanted to showcase forthcoming new bits from both Beatcamp and Hardrive too, as well as giving you an idea of some of the other guys I rate at the moment.

The decision to re-release ‘Anger Management’ was a pivotal moment in your return to music – how did the link up with Terror Danjah and ‘Hardrive’ come to fruition?

It was more Terror’s idea to be honest. I’ve known him for a long time and stayed in touch right the way through; he used to mentor me back in the day. When he heard I was thinking about coming back, he called straight away and asked to release the ‘Anger Management’ instrumental and that was it. The timing was right and it just made sense so I was happy it all worked out.

Having had some time away from music, what do you think of the current grime scene and how is it different from when you first started out?

I think the scene’s very healthy. There are a lot of good producers now; guys like TRC, Swindle and Dexplicit are all really talented, exciting artists – Dexplicit is actually a part of my production team too. I like it now though and I think that’s why I decided to come back. I took time off because I wasn’t motivated by the music, I felt it’d had lost its way but now you can see the thought that goes into grime releases now. It’s not too emcee-heavy either which is nice – that’s not to say I don’t like emcees but producers are now expressing themselves properly and getting the recognition they deserve.

As you mentioned earlier, you’ve recently set up your own ‘Beatcamp’ imprint – can you tell us a bit more about it?

Beatcamp is a label that I decided to put together with two close friends. I still feel like the scene needs more outlets and if you can create an outlet, why not? The label isn’t gonna be solely grime focused though – we’ve got forthcoming stuff from Champion, a number of drum & bass tracks and we’ve also got Shystie’s project that we’re working on now. Essentially, we’re looking to collaborate with both artists and producers.

What can we expect both you and Beatcamp over the coming months?

Ah man, there’s quite a lot. ‘Arizona Skyz’ is forthcoming on Hardrive – Terror’s actually got at least 4 or 5 tunes of mine that are waiting for a release. I’ve also got tracks coming out on both ScoreFive’s imprint, Plainface Records, and Logan Sama’s Earth 616 label. As for Beatcamp, I’m currently working with a new singer and a producer called LZ – we’re making the whole Shystie project together. Collaborations with LZ, Dexplicit, Terror Danjah and Champion are also on the cards and I would love to work with TRC so hopefully we can work something out there. I’m also available for bookings – I’ll be playing the Butterz & Hardrive night on 24th March and I’m currently Shystie’s official DJ too….


DOWNLOAD: P Jam – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix

1. P Jam ft Hannah Rae – Fight The Feeling [Beatcamp]
2. Shystie ft Lioness and Lady Leshurr – Warning (prod by PJam) [Beatcamp]
3. Terror Danjah – Champion vs Jekyll [CDR]
4. Swindle ft Footsie and Nadia Suliman – Ignition [CDR]
5. Champion ft Ruby Lee Ryder – Sensitivity [Formula]
6. TRC – Main Number [CDR]
7. Vincent J. Alves – BodyKilling (PJam rmx) [Beatcamp]
8. Chimpo – Blowfish [CDR]
9. P Jam – Arizona Skyz [Hardrive]
10. Dexplicit – Rebellion [DXP]
11. Shystie – Bad Gyal (PJam & Lz) [Beatcamp]
12. Lz – Girls Talk [Beatcamp]
13. Terror Danjah – Flat Gremlinz [CDR]
14. P Jam – Wesley Snipes [CDR]
15. Champion – Expensive [Hardrive]
16. D.O.K – Melody [CDR]
17. P Jam – Flipside [Earth 616]
18. Dexplicit – The Centaur [DXP]
19. P Jam – The Beckoning [Plainface]
20. P Jam & Lz – The Night Club [Beatcamp]
21. Dexplicit – Showtime [CDR]
22. Terror Danjah – Square Bass [Formula]
23. Teddy Music – Sambucca [Hardrive]
24. Champion – Turn Up Di Bass [Formula]
25. P Jam – Skyboy [Beatcamp]
26. Swindle – Ringworm [CDR]
27. P Jam & Lz – P.M [Beatcamp]
28. TRC – Into Sync 2 ([CDR]
29. P Jam – Arizona vs Rolling Stone [CDR]
30. P Jam – Arizona Skyz V.I.P [Hardrive]