10 Years of Project Mooncircle: “We’re Still Into Deep Arrangements”
Posted by Oli Marlow on February 13, 2012

Committing to a cause shows a level of dedication and is a wanton a personality trait as someone could wish for. Proving that you can stick at something for a long period of time might well look good on a CV but it’s the building of a legacy that matters more to some people. I guess you could draw a tenuous comparison with one of hip hop music’s main mantras of ‘keeping it real’ here (if you are a fan of taking the basic idea of one guy being focused enough to start and keep a record label running for ten years and running away with it). It takes strength of character to keep plugging away at your own thing with the singular goal of taking one idea as far as possible whilst staying focused on the reasons why you started it in the first place. And for that reason, we spoke to Gordon Gieseking, the brains behind the Project Mooncircle label, an imprint that celebrates its decade anniversary on the 16th March with a limited edition four piece vinyl boxset.

“I’ve been interested in music from my earliest childhood”, Gieseking tells us from his Berlin base; “eventually it became more than just a passion to me. At first, the label was envisaged as a compilation project only, but in 2004 I found a perfect partner in Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order site, Other helping hands, like Jinna Morocha from Moscow or Laurent Fintoni, have also joined the label since then…”

With a strong desire to release projects that fuse organic instrumentation and electronic processes Project Mooncicle (PMC) as a label has found internet favour since 2009, releasing work from artists like 1000Names, Robot Koch, fLako, Pavel Dovgal and Rumpistol, but its discography harbours a lot of different styles. Rapper John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) is a prominent fixture throughout working on projects with early Jehst collaborator Lewis Parker, the inimitable MF DOOM or Robot Kock (as Robot Robinson) but another that becomes apparent when you look at it, is that there’s music from a positive myriad of sources there. That probably goes some way to explain the sister imprints Project Squared and Finest Ego – the former is focused closely of the dubstep and techno intersection releasing work by Kowton, Asusu, Furesshu and AnD whilst Finest Ego has focused itself on presenting new production talent through a series of geographically restricted compilations (like this one we wrote about back in July).

“Jahbitat’s Harpy Lights The Canopy was one of the greatest albums on our label in my opinion,” Gieseking embellishes. “It was released in 2004, but the sound is still fresh now, even after 8 years… We’re still into deep arrangements and I think we’ll always want to continue our love of the organic grooves of people like Long Arm or 40 Winks. Nowadays nearly all genres are merging together more and more and that fits perfectly into our way with music.”

“I’m not 100% into every release on PMC but I think that to run a good label, it’s not necessary to like all the tracks on each and every record. What’s more, it’s also good to be open towards old productions today. When we released the debut album Death Star Droid by Robot Koch in 2009 I wasn’t so into it, but one year later I was a huge fan of his music. I’m a human and everything needs time as a lot of artists are too far away into their own music… Nobody can be on point every time, so that’s why I trust a lot unknown artists if I feel they’re special!”

PMC’s 10th Anniversary compilation clocks in at 46 tracks long; and every single track on it is exclusive. At first it is kind of overwhelming just looking at the tracklist in your music player of choice, but when you consider the love and attention that’ll be going into the 8 sided vinyl version and you start to digest the quality of the music on offer it, starts to make sense more as a detailed celebration of what they’ve managed to house and achieve over the last 10 years.

“We’re a physical label and every release is a like a dream which comes true…” Gieseking romanticises a little. “The box set is something special for sure but we’re really happy to have such a fanbase with so much love to the vinyl format. Every song [on the boxset] is exclusive and I need to say thanks to all our friends and artists for that.”

To try and list the highlights or pieces of music that make you alt-tab from whatever browser, program or document your looking at and check who it’s by, would be something of a token gesture with a tracklist that long. Even if each track isn’t an instant classic, there’s a depth to these selections that’ll provide a welcome turn in amongst the run of every 4 or 5 songs. Especially considering that the project includes unreleased music from Jehst, DZA, 1000Names, EAN, Om Unit, Sweatson Klank, Mike Gao, Kelpe and a whole host of other producers who’ll probably be relevant considering that your reading this post in the context of this site.

“I think the compilation will show everybody the concept and philosophy of our label and we’re really proud of the result,” Gieseking concludes in his thoughtfully succinct manner. “It’s a trip between old and present times in music.”


We’ve also been commissioned to give you a taste of the compilation directly by offering up London producer EAN’s contribution to the compilation, ‘Pictarus’, for an exclusively free download…

DOWNLOAD: EAN – Pictarus [Project Mooncircle]


Project Mooncircle’s 10th Anniversary is out on 4LP boxset is out on the 16th March. Pre-order it on