FIRST LISTEN: Markis Sage – Paper Boat [Losonofono]
Posted by Oli Marlow on January 5, 2012

Skweee is consistently under rated and that’s probably one of things that I love about it. The synthesized funk music movement of Scandinavia seems to have been wheeled out as the new wondrous micro scene (that in all honesty it is) numerous times now, presented with these little introductory features that gloss over a lot of its gloss, but underneath the deployment of fluorescent adjectives there’s a wealth of charm and an undisguisable abundance of pure groove in the music.

It’s easy to get carried away discussing the funk element, musing about where it intersects with hip hop and or the low end prowl of bass orientated music, but to put it simply, people like Pavan, Daniel Savio, Randy Barracuda and Eero Johannes have all produced incredibly solid artist albums that encapsulate the hyperhigh swing of what these dudes can irk out of their primitive equipment. And today people like Slugabed, Mötem, Coco Bryce and yes, even Rustie, all incorporate the kind of squalling harmonics that serve to abbreviate the genre.

Markis Sage then is the production duo of Rigas Den Andre (who we profiled on SR Mix #86 back in June) and Mesak, aka one of the minds behind one of the scene’s pioneering label’s, Harmönia. Together they’ve produced Paper Boat, a ten track collection of new and reworked material that forms the first skweee full length project of the 2012 and it’s as much a brazen example of them enjoying the collaboration process as it is a righteous collection of music.

‘Creature of Lagoon’, a trad-skweee excursion that fuses a stuttered beat with ridiculously modulated riffs, makes its entrance through this stew of tortured sound waves and effected samples and ‘Kissing Cousins and Hustling’ drops into the most infectious bassline of 2012 yet (a year that I’m fully aware is 5 days strong and counting) after a sharp siren aggressively increases it’s pitch to near break point. It’s a fusion that successfully unites element of experimental sound design with a totally enlightened and heightened sense of boogie.


Paper Boat is now available from the Losonofono Bandcamp as a 10 track cassette tape that’s limited to 100 hand numbered copies. An LP version will be forthcoming once all the tapes are scattered. Each owner of the tape will receive both a download code, and a coupon to receive the LP version for $5 (plus shipping).