FIRST LISTEN: Faze Miyake – Second Six [Woofer Music]
Posted by Tomas Fraser on January 9, 2012

2011 saw Faze Miyake’s ‘Take Off’ literally take off, becoming one of the year’s biggest underground anthem. Great for emcees but also monstrous in the clubs, it captures the essence of how grime once sounded back in its infancy when it first emerged from the ashes of a dying UK garage scene. Since its release back in May time, the demand for more “Woofer music” has been understandably high, paving the way a touch for Miyake unleash new music. The Second Six EP is set for release on January 30th and consists of 6 tracks, with one courtesy of fellow in-house producer Splurt Diablo, who, like Faze, recorded an exclusive mix for Uncle Albert and Sonic Router last year.

In contrast to the more traditional EP format, Second Six acts as more of a showreel for Faze’s imprint; with the trademark ‘woof’ evident throughout it’s perhaps the dark, deep bass that resonates most within Faze’s work. Alongside a slick VIP verison of ‘Take Off’, the Second Six includes new beats ‘Boom’, ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’, each of which has the potential to make a similar impact to ‘Take Off’ in their own right. ‘Boom’ in particular is a track that I can see both DJs and emcees embracing for its sheer audacity. It’s built in the ‘Take Off’ mould but with far punchier bass and ‘Cherryade’-esque sampling, it will surely earn its fair share of wheel-ups over the coming months. Splurt’s ‘Bang’ comes complete with a Faze Miyake re-edit, although it must be said that ‘Bang’ will suit emcees way more than it will the dance floor.

A great insight into what grime has to offer in 2012.

The Second Six EP is out 30th January on through Woofer Music.