DOWNLOAD: The Phantom – Late Night Sex
Posted by Oli Marlow on January 5, 2012

There’s a long-life argument about whether online mixes should come complete with tracklists. Some people swear by it whilst others are a little disgusted by the mere suggestion. It’s something we’ve discussed before and whilst there’s something to be said for being meticulous and being able to pinpoint and or timestamp exactly what song is playing when, when you stumble across a tune you’ve been unsuccessfully lusting after for a while it makes the discovery all the sweeter.

Such is life this happened not ten minutes ago when Belgian label Silverback sent through their 10th release by Polish producer, The Phantom. His SR mix (#63) is a great and ready interpretation of his musical direction (which is a little scruffy but very much dancefloor ready) but it was his track ‘Voyeur’ with its sudden powerful flush of synth chops over a clipped, proto-funky, Scratcha-esque drum line that really stuck out from the listening sessions that went into research him. The fact that it wasn’t on his mix is inconsequential, it’s one of those jams that still sounds polished and potent even now, after it’s main riff was lodged deep in the subconscious months and months ago.

The rest of the EP is a little less instant. The classic house piano of ‘Ceremony’ does feel a touch obvious and a little out of place considering that ‘Gothic’ is more of The Phantom in palatable eski mode, serving up weird synthesized gloops around sparse drum lines and Guido channelling lead swirls. But when you listen to the boogie tones of ‘Colossus’ and ‘Voyeur’ alongside them, you get the undeniable feeling that this EP is not, or never was going to be, the same trick repeated four times; it’s more a peacock like display of electronic diversity and cocksure intention.

To mark the release we’ve been granted the opportunity to giveaway a non EP track called ‘Late Night Sex’ – an exercise in melodic syncopation and a short but welcome blast of The Phantom’s restraint.


DOWNLOAD: The Phantom – Late Night Sex

The Phantom’s EP2 is out on 16th January 2012 through Silverback.