Splurt Diablo – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix
Posted by Tomas Fraser on November 17, 2011

Having already made a considerable impression within the grime scene producing for the likes of Merky Ace, MIK and the rest of the Lewisham centric Family Tree collective, Splurt Diablo has been tipped to make similar inroads as producer’s like Spooky and Faze Miyake (who we’ve featured before). Splurt’s previous releases, his appearance as one of the 4 producers on Oil Gang’s ‘Quadrant EP’ and the three volumes of his Vomit EPs (zips that feature 10+ instrumentals), have consistently won him fans as he explores the recesses of his production ideals, creating music that aims to make a impact on the UK bass scene as a whole.

Tomas Fraser, from the Uncle Albert Says blog, went off in search of some more information, looking to scoop an exclusive insight ahead of our two site’s second collaborative mix. Showcasing the best of his punchy, bass-laden instrumentals, his mix serves as an excellent introduction into the world of grime in 2011 and demonstrates his versatility as a producer; as he himself says, “I’m definitely a grime producer first and foremost but I make quite a bit of crossover stuff…anything with bass in it really.”

Sonic Router: So what’s the story behind the mix…? Why did you choose to include only your own instrumentals?

Splurt: I sorted it out at my friend’s studio on some CDJs. I’ve never recorded of mix made up of entirely my own tunes and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to let people know what I’ve been getting up to musically. The beats I’ve used are generally my favourite new tracks, not the throw away ones. I guess I just wanted to give people a chance to listen to my sound and see what they think.

How did your involvement with Family Tree come about?

I’ve been producing for Family Tree from pretty much the start. They’ve always helped me along and I’ve returned the favour with the beats. I suppose it was Shifman who first brought me through or at least first to recognise me as a talent…

How do you feel about the grime scene at the moment?

Ah it’s good man! Everbody seems to be doing their own thing which is cool but us Family Tree guys are managing to do stuff that others aren’t. We want to make our darker style more likeable and I think we’ve done that this year in a way that; nobody is really coming out with the sounds we are at the moment.

So what does the future hold for you?

Splurt: I like grafting to be honest and I like the music to do all the talking. I’m more than just a producer, I’m like a human air bender really (laughs)! I’m not trying to do anything like anyone else either really. My beats are generally made to vocal but are just as viable as instrumentals on their own, so I guess I’m adaptable. I’m just hoping to keep on doing more of the same really. Look out for me on Faze Miyake’s next release via his Woofer Music label shortly.


DOWNLOAD: Splurt Diablo – Sonic Router x Uncle Albert Mix #02


Skull Candy RIP
Last Summer
Purple Haze
Moon Glasses
Guiness Punch
Room 2
Stone Cold
Whisky In A Bokkle
War Remix

All tracks produced by Splurt Diablo for Family Tree Records/Woofer Music