FIRST LISTEN: Hoya:Hoya 003 – Ikonika/Om Unit/Monky
Posted by Oli Marlow on September 8, 2011

Hoya:Hoya are one of those troups you read about but seldom get the chance to experience firsthand – unless you live in Manchester and attend their regularly irregular parties, that is. Their close knit network of resident DJs, people like Illum Sphere, Johnny Dub, Jon K and Eclair Fifi, always put in the work and they’ve set up a family that works hard to keep spreading their message, something that spills over into their label releases considering that, for the time being anyway, you have to have played at the Hoya parties to be eligible for a release on their label. The third split release drops early next week at the perfect time to mark both another bout of quality tracks but their debut London party, this Friday at fabric – for which Illum Sphere put together a mix of Hoya staples in his ‘One For Hoya Mix.’

HOYA003 kick starts itself with Ikonika’s ‘Fleas’ a production that squeals in several different directions as the marimba ring out just below the swamp of synth frequencies. It’s the most ‘dancefloor’ of the three cuts included, careering in time honoured Ikonika fashion through layered progressions and drum switches. Om Unit’s ‘Fibonnaci 10’ further backs up the reason why the looming figure seems to be in everyones sights right now. It’s taut almost techno, sucking its stomach in at the low end whilst working the ribs with the kick drum and distracting the head’s attention with the snatches of acid lead lines and synthesized swirls on top.

But its Monky’s ‘The Hipster’ that really stands out amongst the three – it’s pretty much one of the most prominent reasons we asked the Cardiff based producer to contribute to our mix series with #79 back in April. Its awkward bounce is regulated by the open ended ring of the snare knock and the synths just drape themselves all over the drum work, creating the kind of shapes you’d imagine come out like a over excited pixelated blue swirl in Windows Media Player’s Visualiser.

HOYA003 is out on 12th September on vinyl and on the 19th digitally.