FIRST LISTEN: ADR- Solitary Pursuits [Public Information]
Posted by Oli Marlow on September 1, 2011

Taking stuff for granted isn’t a bad thing – it’s a comfort.

Everybody relies on someone for something at some point. People that know more than you, or those that are in a position to help often bestow knowledge, whether offering advice on colour schemes or the drawbacks to using a drop shadow effect at every possible juncture, and for that a lot of the time you can be thankful. But what about when stuff is a little over your head, where do you turn then? Ok, so the answer to the rhetoric is probably the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, but for the sake of this introduction let’s say Public Information, because that’s the name of a brand new label that has onerously tasked itself with conducting an electronic survey of everything from library music, to dub, house and wyrd-pop.

Stemming from the brain of our fellow Bleep podcaster Alex Wilson, Public Information has a slew of weird and connecting projects coming; and having been privy to early listens we’re stoked to be able to comment on the first physical realisation from the imprint, an album by ADR (one half of the Merok signed Gatekeeper duo) somewhat poignantly named Solitary Pursuits.

Perfectly described by the label as ‘a burning head-trip into electronic swamplands packed with science-fiction sonics,’ Solitary Pursuits is an eight track mini album that constantly astounds. Cloaked in the static and heat of overloaded outboard equipment the tracks are deftly constructed, the awkward weaving of the synth lines carve out a uplifting lilt considering the muggy omnidirection of it all providing some glowing passages of atmosphere. The blunt funk of ‘Sidewinder’ stands out as a short highlight amongst the rush of Giallo like soundtracking on ‘Mecury Retrograde’ or the swells of ‘Post PC’ and ‘Univox’ but ideally Solitary Pursuits is best ingested as a whole. A weird quagmire of extensive synth toiling it’s a great mission statement for a burgeoning imprint like Public Information.