DOWNLOAD: Jonwayne – I Don’t Care
Posted by Oli Marlow on September 6, 2011

Some people in life are just incredibly prolific in what they do. Madlib can eat a crate of records overnight and poo out an album that (might) be better than what 80% of producers are able to do in a year. After we posted on his free Thanks Bro beat tape three weeks ago, Jonwayne just dropped another mixtape called I Don’t Care. This time though, it’s a project that he raps on; unleashing torrents of syllables over beats from people like Flying Lotus, Diabaise, Samiaym, Dizz 1, Dilla alongside some of his own productions and on the strength of it, it’s safe to say that he’s one of those super dude’s that I alluded to in the introduction.

It’s lyrically heavy and exactly the raw type of delivery that makes me woop and groan at random integers. Anyone whose shared an office with me, probably knows thats a good thing and like fellow Alpha Pup artist Free The Robots said: “This guy makes more music in a week than some people do in a lifetime… and its quality!”

An essential DL.


DOWNLOAD: Jonwayne – I Don’t Care

Tracklist/Production Credits:

WHEREamI – Jonwayne
Paranoia – Dizz1
FatBoyFace – Flying Lotus
Non-Living – Unknown
Just a Minute – Jonwayne
Experiment 17 – Jonwayne
Bus Stops – Flying Lotus
Pachabel – Flying Lotus
12345 – Dilla
Outsider’s Asylum – Dibiase
Palm – Dak
Asbestos – Dibiase
SBJW Boot – Samiyam
Kill the Spot – Dibiase
With a Child – Delofi
Paprika – Jonwayne and Zeroh
Story One – Jonwayne
Story Two – Jonwayne