DOWNLOAD: Company Flow – N2N Burners Lost Mix
Posted by Oli Marlow on June 23, 2011

Company Flow made one seminal album, Funcrusher Plus. Heavily cerebral, it was an overtly wordy 20 track stomp through the minds and voice boxes of rappers El-P and Big Juss, with cuts provided by Mr Len. Fiercely independent the trio signed with Rawkus, a label who at the time understood the trials and tribulations of releasing music without compromise the product or the artist. After the critically lauded 1997 release of the album the group split and have since never taken to the stage together as a full trio.

El-P went on to form the inde hip hop powerhouse Def Jux, home to artists like Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock and Cage, releasing a duo of powerful solo albums in Fantastic Damage and I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead on the imprint, whilst Big Juss released projects like Black Mamba Serums through UK label Big Dada and Poor People’s Day on MUSH. They both continued to pursue their different avenues, keeping their rhyme’s subject matter in the upper echelons of intelligent and thought provoking, creating works that stood out as different and ‘real’ – as in they fully represented them.

El and Juss may have shared a stage since but the crew’s imminent performance at All Tomorrows Parties’, I’ll Be Your Mirror London, taking place at Alexandra Palace on the 23rd and 24th July – where they’re performing alongside cult rapper DOOM and Portishead – will be the first time since 2000 that they’ve all performed Company Flow material together. And as a celebration El has uploaded a ‘Lost Mix’ on ‘N2N Burners,’ which hints gloriously at the directions the members would career off in after the collapse.


DOWNLOAD: Company Flow – N2N Burners Lost Mix

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